Website Widgets

Display live generation statistics on your array or wind farm with a widget.

We access the data managed by your eGauge meter and display animated metrics showing current generation alongside cumulative stats.

Our widgets are customized to your brand and website.

We take your brand look and feel and use that as we design your widget so that it fits perfectly in your website. You can choose from an array of metrics to display what you feel is the most valuable information.

Currently, offer the following:

  • Live generation
  • Current day generation
  • Month to date generated
  • Year to date generated
  • Current weather conditions

Please ask if you want something not listed.

High-performance servers cache the data for web traffic.

You don’t have to worry about your hardware as all traffic accesses cached information on servers that are designed to handle it. Your meter is only accessed for current information from one source and then that is cached for all other traffic.

Security is our priority.

You can secure your eGauge meter. We work within eGauges API to get requests which allow secure password authentication if desired.


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